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Our Vision

Our System will be recognized as one of the best IT solution system in Asia, particularly Indonesia.

Our Mision

To deliver outstanding services to our Stake Holders through real-time solution system that is effective, efficient & helpful.


Real time Health Insurance Administration with a Cloud Base System for monitoring, avoiding dispute / controlling in Plan Benefits & Limit, With Automated Calculating Real Time Engine.


A web-based Business Performance Indicator (BPI) System with an advanced analytics solutions designed to bring an interactive visual display from a big volumes of data into business intelligence insights.


Better quality solution for your server and storage needs, that is what we do and served as our objective all the time. By using the lastest and most effective hardware and software, we ensure that all of your system & data properly hosted, protected and will be accessible with ease.


A web-based applications with many advantages such as an effective topology system, fast process and validations within it, that would help the company to accelerate a risk identification and analysis, and how to control and treatment the risk.


A web-based Brokerage Management System that allows the broker companies to monitoring the business process from production, claim, and finance, on real-time and auto placement processing, also allows their clients to apply an online claims by using a web browser, that can bring a faster, paperless, convenient claims procedure for both sides.


Network security solution that we offer will gives you complete visibility into and precise control over your network traffic and protects you from unknown threats. it can classify all traffic, including encrypted traffic, based on application, application function, user and content. You can create comprehensive, precise security policies, resulting in safe enablement of applications. This lets only authorized users run sanctioned applications, greatly reducing the surface area of cyber-attacks across the organization.

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Who we are

In line with technology developments

and the demands of a dynamic insurance system, particularly in information technology & communication, also based on our experience over decades in handling many variety of systems required by the insurance company, then in 2014 our IT Solution company was established and began to operating in 2016, especially in the insurance industry.

We realized that the bridging between health insurance system with the hospitals are currently using EDC, which are still have a lot of limitations.

Among them are, the transaction often jammed on Saturday and Sunday, disability to handle the inpatient hospitality and maternity in real time, which will took more times in terms of transaction processing are done semi-manual, the high cost of communication between hospitals and insurers especially for outside of the city, the number of employees needed for the claims processing are much more, following by a frequent of claim miscalculation with a significant value because of the manual process in the back-end, and so forth.

With awareness of the things mentioned above, then we created the KARTU-SEHAT system, which is designed by a web-based application with many advantages compared to EDC both in terms of ease, flexibility plan, time, cost, topology system, including the speed of process and validations within it, that would help the insurance company to accelerate and reduce claims processing errors in hospitalization for inpatient and maternity.

We believe that this application is a better solution and reliable for the health insurance company. More than that, we also willing to assist in the administration of insurance companies clients that join us, in a form of cooperation, such as Administration Service Only (ASO) or Third Party Administration (TPA).