A web-based applications with many advantages such as an effective topology system, fast process and validations within it, that would help the company to accelerate a risk identification and analysis, and how to control and treatment the risk, that can bring a better decision-making in order to avoid future risk, also minimize extra cost and time as an impact of the unexpected risks before they happen”.


Target Market

Companies that would like to have a stable risk management plan in place to reduce risks to ensure their valuable resources such as time, income, assets, property, people (all staff,customers and vendors) also reputation and financial performance in a safe and secure environment, so the operations can continue without interruption.


Product Characteristics
  • Web based application
  • Provided process & event, identification, risk register and action plan (RCSA)
  • Provided Loss Event Database (LED) analysis
  • Provided Key Risk Indicator analysis (KRI) and Early Warning System (EWS)

Choose Your Plan (On Premise / On CLOUD)

Setup Master Data

RCSA Risk Register

RCSA Action Plan

RCSA Dashboard

RCSA Reporting

Max Users

Support Financial Services Authority Report

KRI (Key Risk Indicator) Setup

KRI Monitoring

KRI Dashboard

KRI Engine

LED (Loss Event Database) Setup

LED Dashboard

LED Reporting

Multi Entity

ISO 31000

Support Service

Product Training


Rp 15.000.000

per month

50 users

Lite Support

3 days for max 3 persons


Rp 25.000.000

per month

150 users

Priority Support

5 days for max 15 persons


Rp 35.000.000

per month

250 users

Ultimate Support

8 days for max 50 persons


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